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Happy Birthday

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Happy Bday


Beautiful Happy Birthday Images HD Free Download

Birthdays are always meant to be a special day for oneself which comes every year with the baggage of so many hopesand imagination. Everyone desires to celebrate their respective birthdays with the great pomp. Its the day when all people forget all ill-will towards each other and only gives you warm wishes

Happy Birthday



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Birthday Images HD Free Download

Gifts or presents as well and takes part in order to commemorate your special day with all love and affection. It is the day which you can make memorable by utilizing it with great celebrations.

Dear , On this auspicious day i would like to wish you a very happy birthday Dear.. You are the only one who always motivates me, inspires me, encourages me, pamper me even though scold me as well but still you are the pillar of strength for me always because during my hard times,

its only you who sticks with me like a shadow and tries your best in order to get out me from the bad situation. Years have passed but you are the only ray of light in the darkness, only drop of water in the desert, only a peace of bread during hunger, only a piece of warmth during a cold night .

I really dnt have such a words which can able to describe my endless love towards you.. I can just pray to god that you will remain healthy and wealthy always as if ‘Health is lost everything is lost’!

My Dear, i love you upto sky and moon.. On your special day i would really like to express my deep affection towards you.. May god fulfill your every dream under the sun.

I promise you i will always make you feel proud. At last but not the least i would like to wish u again a very happy birthday dear…..

May god keep u alive till the ages. And may we celebrate this day ever year with a great pomp… I really love you… Please always with me. I really thank you to the ulmighty god for giving me such a wonderful gift for the entire life by blessing a person like you as my family member who not only do his responsibilities but also never let anyone be sad and disappointed..

You are the blossom flower which makes the face of the spectators to let smile and also enrich the environment with your auspicious presence.

I really pray to god that i will get you during my ever birth on this earth as my family member because as life is not possible without water, i am also cnt survive with you. Happy birthday dear

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